Chuck Liner

Affiliate Broker

East Tennessee Properties LLC

"Clinerproperties serves clients by Transforming Property Dreams into Reality"

About Chuck Liner

Experienced Business Development professional with a passion for identifying opportunities and creating successful relationships by serving with integrity.

Why I love Sales? I am customer focused and have a passion for helping people improve their quality of life and that principle also holds true for improving a specific functionality of their business. Experienced in asking skillfully designed questions to find out a business problem that a customer may have and to evaluate if my solutions will improve their situation. With the utmost integrity, it's about having a conversation and asking genuine questions that identify a problem or discovering a solution. Sometimes we discover there are multiple problems the customer didn't even realize they had. I strive to ask and learn if my solutions can even help them at all. My niche in the Real Estate Industry is helping individuals and families purchase new construction homes. I ask "how would you like to move forward"? Customers in today's world are smart and educated, and fully armed with information. My intentions are to simply to listen to understand and help by providing clarity to their challenges and offer solutions for greater satisfaction. Regardless of the outcome, the focus is 100% on helping the customer!

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